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How to Introduce yourself in a simple way - Daily Speaking#1

Introducing yourself - Daily Speaking#1
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Hello guys, how are you today? I hope that you are fine. Okay, maybe you are wondering at this time "Where have you been Admin?" Yeah, for a couple months I haven't write any post yet on this blog. This happened not only to me but also every bloggers in the world. Hiatus! Everyone call it when they off from blogging, don't worry, it's a proccess in blogging.

Have you ever thought before how to introduce yourself in front of the class in English? If you want to able to do it. Let's learn the way to introduction. This is the first material for every language learner that should be learn. This topic is our ordinary activities from we were kid, so, it will be easy to learn.

Let's make some situation, supposed that you are a new students on your school. So, your teacher will asked you to come forward and you must introduce all about you such as name, address, age, etc. It would be make you feel a little bit nervous. Just focus on what will you going to say there. All of your friends are looking at you right now, so, let's start.

Me: Good morning everyone.

Your classmates: Good morning.

Me: First of all, let me introduce my self. My name is Kaneki. Nice to meet you.

Your classmates: Nice to meet you too.

Okay, now you have already learned how to introduce who you are. Then, most of your classmates are trying to get in touch with you, so, they asked you a lot of question such as where do you live, hobby, favorite food, and so on. Just relax, they doing that just because of their curiousity, that's all. It means, after you answer all of their questions, they will be know a few things about you.

Your classmates: What is your hobby, Kaneki?

Me: My hobby is watching movies. Not only western film such as Harry Potter but also anime.

Your classmates: Oh, I see. By the way, where do you live?

Me: I live in Jakarta.

Your classmate: Well, you live in a big city, and it could be a lot of restaurant there. I like sea food, how about you?

Me: You are right. There are so many restaurant in Jakarta. You like sea food? Really? So do I. I like shrimp, lobster, and squid.

Well done! You have succeed introduce yourself to the rest of class. Now, let's change the situation but it still  at school. The class is over and one of your friends namely Ruli asked you to come along with him. He takes you to canteen. There, you meet Ruli's friend, his name is Faiz but you still don't know who is his name exactly until Ruli introduce him to you.

Ruli: Hey Kaneki, do you have a free time?

Kaneki: Umm, yeah. What's the matter?

Ruli: That's  great! Let's go to the canteen. I'm hungry, I guess you are the same.

Kaneki: Yeah, I'm hungry too. Let's go.

On the canteen

Ruli: Kaneki, what do you want to eat?

Kaneki: Umm, I want to eat fried chicken. And you?

Ruli: Umm, I want to eat fried rice. Okay, let's order the food.

When Kaneki and Ruli were waiting for their food, someone come approach us.

Faiz: Hi guys!

Kaneki and Ruli: Hi.

Faiz: By the way, who is the boy next to you, Ruli?

Ruli: Oh, he is the new student in my class. His name is Kaneki. Kaneki, He is my friend, his name is Faiz.

Kaneki: Oh, I see. Faiz, nice to meet you.

Faiz: nice to meet you too, Kaneki.

Review: What we have learned?

Okay, in this article, we have learned two things, what is that?
1. Introducing Self
2. Introducing others

1. Introducing Self
Let's take a look again, in the beginning of story, Kaneki introduce himself in front of the class, just take a look at this sentence:

"First of all, let me introduce my self. My name is Kaneki. Nice to meet you."

If you want to introduce yourself, you can say; "My name is (your name)." That's it.

2. Introducing others
This material is happened at canteen when Ruli were introduced  Faiz to Kaneki. Let's see:

"Oh, he is the new student in my class. His name is Kaneki. Kaneki, He is my friend, his name is Faiz."
If you want to introduce your friend to other, you can say: His name is (name).

For conclusion, I believe that after reading and practice the material  on this article, you will be able to introduce yourself and others. Good luck. :)